Healthiness, safety
and energy saving

Household well-being is the result of the harmonious balance among several elements such as healthiness, safety and energy saving. In this context, the microclimate plays a fundamental role, because it is precisely the perception of this microclimate that determines the real level of thermal comfort.

What is Diatherm?

What is Diatherm?

The Diatherm online software for dynamic calculation is the result of the partnership between Diasen and the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences of the Polytechnic University of the Marche Region.
A research project that has allowed the development of a simple, quick and intuitive online application to realize thermal calculations in accordance with the new dynamic hourly calculation model proposed by the EN ISO 52016-1 standard. The software manages to reproduce, in relation to the climatic conditions of the territory, the consumption and climate conditions of the building in its real use … hour by hour!

The value of thermal comfort

Environmental variables are not few. Indeed, it is possible to take in consideration: the air temperature, the possible mold and condensation formation, the type of activities normally carried out inside the home as well as the type of clothing worn and the different thermal sensitivity of each individual. For these reasons, when designing a building, it is important to study adequately the thermal comfort and,at the same time, the surrounding area: because it is from the detailed attention of the local climate that the real energy saving begins. Knowing how to design taking into account the climatic characteristics of each specific environment, means building in a truly sustainable way!

Who is for?

A software created to identify the best technological solution for both summer and winter thermal insulation. An intelligent and immediate tool aimed at the network of designers (engineers, architects and all those who need to perform thermal calculations). The software is suitable for facing, in particular, the problem of the summer overheating. An application that was created to respond to the biggest challenge of today and tomorrow: optimize energy savings and maximize living comfort. All without having to insert a multiplicity of data that are difficult to source and understand.


For the architects looking for sustainable solutions, a smart and functional software for calculating thermal comfort and energy savings.


It is the ideal tool for engineers committed in assessing energy needs because it guarantees calculation efficiency and precision in results.


An intuitive and effective assistance, in line with the European standards, for professional who want technical answers regarding thermal comfort.

The real advantages, from micro to macro

The analysis of all the parameters and variables that influence the building behavior allow a much more realistic and precise assessment of the global energy balance. The new model considers:

The thermal inertia of the building shell.

Variation in the conditions of rooms liveability.

Solar inputs.

Evolution of external climate conditions.

Variation of different temperatures in a specific place throughout the day.

The new thermal regulation UNI EN ISO 52016-1: 2018 from 1st March 2018 has formally replaced UNI EN ISO 13790, replacing the old seasonal and monthly calculation method.
But what are its main characteristics?

    • A new dynamic hourly calculation method for heating and cooling

    • A functional integration of the calculation method of the thermal loading (winter and summer)

    • Ensures more reliable results because it considers the real building conditions usage

    • An understandable, highly reproducible and transparent model

The philosophy of the Mediterranean Building

The “Mediterranean Building” model is the synthesis of tradition and innovation in the building construction world, because it combines the quality and the natural raw materials efficiency with the high technological level of the products – the so-called “materials intelligence”. This philosophy fully embraces the challenge of the future for the whole building construction world, that of creating long-lasting buildings in respect of the surrounding environment and human health. The ” Mediterranean Building ” means to protect homes not only from the cold, but also from the heat, ensuring maximum energy savings. Cork represents the excellence icon of this vision, which was born precisely in Western Europe and it is a precious and natural material as well as renewable, sustainable, light and with a very high performance in terms of summer and winter thermal insulation.

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